Training Agenda


Standard and Advanced Training


Cost: Free
Place: Virtual (online)
Date: July 27 to 29 (2021)
Time: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. MDT (-6 GMT)
Certification: Free

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First Day

  • Review of Lie Detectors in Use Today
  • Why People Pass and Fail Lie Detection Tests
  • Social Distance testing, Algorithm, Test Scores, Countermeasures
  • Test Proctor Overview
  • Dashboard Administrator Overview
  • Number Test Demo
  • How to Get Test Proctor and Administrator Certification
  • EyeDetect Manager

Second Day

  • How to Write MCT and Audio MCT Tests
  • How to get MCT Test certification
  • Test Manager Live Demo
  • Examinee Suitability
  • Review of Research, Scholarly and Other Materials
  • Base Rates and Successive Hurdles

Third Day

  • How to Write DLC Tests
  • How to get DLC Test certification
  • Concordance between Polygraph and EyeDetect
  • Summary of Dr. Kircher’s Research
  • Technical Challenges & Features
  • Physio Tracker

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