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Quickly Find the Truth in Staff, Parolees & Patients


If job applicants lie to get the job, they’ll probably lie to keep it.

With EyeDetect, quickly expose the truth about an applicant’s background or about a current employee’s work behavior.

EyeDetect helps manage 3 potential risks:

  • Hiring trustworthy staff
  • Monitoring employee compliance
  • Managing investigations quickly and objectively
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Test topics for new hires could include:

  • Use of illegal drugs
  • Commission of serious crimes
  • Previous, unreported work discipline
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Test topics for existing personnel could include:

  • Sexual contact with inmates
  • Providing contraband
  • Excessive use of force

Screening and monitoring tests take 30 minutes and test results are ready in less than 5 minutes. Tests are automated and computerized. You can practice safe distancing in times of pandemic.

Bad Behavior on Display

News reports show the risks inherent in making a bad hire or not monitoring current personnel:

Help keep your department of corrections from receiving unwanted press coverage.

Contact us to schedule a demo of EyeDetect. See the difference having a fast and accurate lie detector can make in reducing costs and preserving your reputation.

Treatment for Parolees and Patients

Parolees and patients will say or do just about anything to avoid trouble.

EyeDetect helps quickly discover the truth.

Effectively Test Those Who Have Offended Sexually

Departments of corrections and therapists are challenged to screen and treat those who have offended sexually. EyeDetect helps solve three problems:

  • Quickly discover the truth about parole or treatment violations
  • Successfully test those unsuitable for polygraph testing
  • Successfully test those who consistently use polygraph countermeasures

When the truth is known, treatment can be more focused and effective while promoting healing.

Test Topics for Those Who Have Offended Sexually

EyeDetect offers an accurate, standardized, objective test for questions such as:

  • Are you drinking or using illegal drugs?
  • Do you have undisclosed internet access?
  • Have you had unreported contact with a minor?
  • Have you viewed unreported nudity?
  • Have you had unreported sexual contact?

With limited budgets and staff and a need to maintain safe distances during testing, EyeDetect helps to quickly, safely and economically test.

PCSOTs are available with EyeDetect for these scenarios:

  • Instant offense (first offense)
  • Monitoring (re-offense)
  • Maintenance (probation or parole violations)
  • Sexual history
  • .

Each PCSOT can be customized for various types of offenders:

  • Juvenile offenders
  • Adults with adult victims
  • Adults with child victims
  • Child pornography
  • Voyeurs or exhibitionists


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“With EyeDetect, we test about 5 people a day — compared to our polygraph examiner, who can test 2 people a day.”

– Administrator for a state dept. of corrections sex offender treatment program

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“EyeDetect helps in making sure that our residents are being open and they’re being honest in regards to their own behavior.”

– Director of Professional Standards & General Counsel for a state dept. of corrections

“Testing [with EyeDetect] appears very accurate… just about every time a guy has failed, he has admitted to more secrets. It is a powerful therapeutic tool, and it has been an integral part of what we offer to couples trying to heal.”

– Director of a Treatment Center in Florida