Newsletters 2022

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January 2022
7 Reasons Why Polygraph Examiners Will Use EyeDetect+

February 2022
Sheriff’s office saves thousands of dollars by adding EyeDetect to hiring process, CONNECT ’22 coming in April, Converus receives GSA contract approval from U.S. government.

March 2022
How does one treatment program work to reduce sexual abuse and violence?

April 2022
CONNECT’22 conference showcases advanced credibility assessment tools.

May 2022
More than 100 news outlets report on a new lie detection technology. Three reasons for polygraph to evolve to EyeDetect+.

June 2022
5 reasons why EyeDetect helps public safety agencies quickly identify honest candidates and drastically reduce hiring costs.

July 2022
Thanks to 5 key differentiators, EyeDetect+ wins first place at the 2022 Utah Innovation Awards

August 2022
Why More Law Enforcement Agencies Use EyeDetect for Pre-Screening

September 2022
EyeDetect+ surprised APA Seminar attendees

October 2022
Take EyeDetect to court: Legal considerations

November 2022
New analysis tool shows organizations how to save money and time in hiring

December 2022
Happy Holidays from Converus