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Service Partner Program Benefits

Service Partners with a current Converus Partner Agreement are eligible for the benefits outlined in the “Benefits” table below. Requirements outlined in the “Requirements” table at the bottom of the page must be met to maintain eligibility.

Section 1: Partner Benefits

Benefits Premier Partner Service Partner
Discount on Test Licenses as a Service or for Resale Yes No
Deal Registration Yes Yes
Lead Generation & Marketing
Leads Provided Priority Yes
Participation with Converus in Marketing Events Priority Yes
Sales Tools & Support
Sales Training Yes Yes
Technical Training Free Free
Product Certification Free Free
Re-certification Free Free
Branded Marketing Materials Free Free
Listing on Converus Website Yes Yes
RFP Response or Related Assistance Yes Yes
Access to Partner Technical Support Yes Yes
Escalation Technical Support Yes No
Partner Program Logo Yes Yes
Regular Partner Communications Yes Yes
Converus-hosted Executive Briefings Yes No
*Deal Registration
Partners should register every potential large sale through the Converus Sales Manager. By registering, Converus will offer preferential conditions and ask other Partners to not compete in that specific opportunity. In the event of a multi-national contract signed in another territory by Converus, the Partner will be given the equivalent of the standard discount as commission on Test Licenses utilized by the local entity of the multi-national organization.

Section 2: Partner Requirements

Requirements Premier Partner Service Partner
Annual Sales Commitment 5,000 licenses 1,500 licenses
EyeDetect Stations Required 3 1
EyeDetect Starter Kit Required* Yes Yes
Business Plan with Annual Update Yes Yes
Submit Customer Success Stories 4 per year 2 per year
No. of Certified Test Proctors 3 2
No. of Certified Converus Administrators 2 1
Partner Agreement on file Yes Yes
*Starter Kit includes the initial purchase of an EyeDetect Station and a block of 100 licenses.
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