Newsletters 2023

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January 2023
Join us at CONNECT’23 on March 8 for a major announcement

February 2023
What’s the latest Converus breakthrough for verifying truth? Find out at CONNECT’23 on March 8

March 2023
Converus Announces Release of VerifEye, a Mobile Truth Verification App

April 2023
World’s First Mobile App for Truth Verification, VerifEye, Now Available in over 100 Countries

May 2023
Sheriff’s Office Cuts Hiring Time in Half with EyeDetect

June 2023
VerifEye Officially Launches in U.S. as Worldwide Usage Grows

July 2023
Is there a way to make dating websites safer?

August 2023
Technologies evolve, and polygraph is no exception. Here’s what’s next for polygraph examiners…

September 2023
EyeDetect+ meets the EDA standard set by the APA.

October 2023
Polygraph + EyeDetect exonerate Olympian of doping accusation. Two new VerifEye videos released.

November 2023
There’s a new, fast and convenient method for pre-employment screening and credit risk verification. It’s VerifEye, the world’s first truth verification app.

December 2023
Holiday wishes from Converus. Learn how the idea for EyeDetect came to life.