Replace Urinalysis wth EyeDetect | The eyes don't lie.

EyeDetect replaces traditional urinalysis but with 90% accuracy and it covers any timeframe—not just the past 7 days. Quickly learn if someone is hiding their drug use.

Replace Traditional Urinalysis with EyeDetect

Get 91% accuracy in just 20 minutes.

Urinalysis (UA) is the most common method of drug testing today. A UA tries to show the presence of drug metabolites or drug residues in the examinee’s urine. UA’s can detect most target drugs for 1 to 4 days after use. As time advances, specificity decreases.

False Positives or “Bad” Negatives

Unfortunately, a positive UA does not necessarily mean the person was under the influence of drugs at the time of the test. Rather, a UA detects and measures the use of particular drugs within the detection window.

It is possible that a prescribed medication may cause a false positive result. And, if the last dose of illegal drugs occurred outside of the detection window (whether far in the past or even recently), some testing methods will return a negative result. In short, a UA may not be sufficiently diagnostic.


Today, the accuracy of UA’s can be quite good if given within the specific detection window, but testing usually only applies to a few substances mandated by Federal drug-testing programs and may include alcohol. Most times, UA’s scan for amphetamines, THC, cocaine, opiates and phencyclidine.

There are other illegal drugs not mandated by the law that can be present, which will not be detected or reported.

Testing for alcohol must be done very soon after consumption because alcohol passes rapidly through the system; as such, a UA may not be helpful in detecting alcohol use.

For urinalysis, some methods used to deceive include:

  • Altering Creatinine levels by drinking too much water
  • Drinking excessive liquids prior to the test
  • Taking supplements or substances to change Creatinine levels
  • Drinking water with baking soda or using baking soda before a test
  • Using someone else’s urine or other liquids that look alike
  • And more…

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Why Use EyeDetect

EyeDetect measures a person’s memory of their drug or alcohol use.

  • No urine samples are needed
  • Longer timeframe for drug screening permitted
  • More drugs can be included for testing
  • No false positive results based on urine sample
  • Alcohol may be included in the test


EyeDetect measures an examinee’s memory of recent drug or alcohol use. It is not affected by any physiological methods devised to cheat. It is not constrained by a specific drug detection window. It is not limited to the number of illegal drug types, but can include all illegal drugs, alcohol, or prescription medications not belonging to the examinee.

EyeDetect is 90% accurate in single-issue drug testing.
It’s fast, efficient, nonintrusive – and a viable replacement for UA.