Converus Dashboard | Business Intelligence for EyeDetect

Get fast access to lie detector test results to make informed decisions. It’s easy to use and full of great data.

Converus Dashboard: Business Intelligence

Fast access to test results — to improve and optimize decisions and performance.

Decision makers are empowered by the speed of access, quality and quantity of data. The Converus Dashboard gives any authorized person access to test reports through a Web browser, in any location, on any device to see each examinee’s name, date/time, test taken, and credibility score within minutes of test completion.

For other lie detectors, such ease of access for test reports is normally unavailable; for EyeDetect, it is standard.

Converus Dashboard Screenshot

The best lie detector tests have a web-based Dashboard where authorized users get test results in real-time.

Dashboard Features


Charts let you quickly find examinees by test number, date, or account, and you can see the aggregate test scores. Click on any part of the pie chart to drill down and create a report to summarize the data.


Administrators can add users or sub-accounts quickly to give access to test results in near real-time, by department, location or manager. User permissions include: administrator, view results, sub-account manager, and more.

Test Licenses

Administrators can easily see how many test licenses are available and can
move them around quickly among departments, locations or managers.

Paper Reports

If a printed test report is needed, just click on the PDF icon.

When you need important data at your fingertips,
the Converus Dashboard provides it!