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Safely conduct lie detection tests during the COVID-19 or Coronavirus pandemic. Both examiner and examinee are protected.

The Most Accurate Lie Detector For Keeping a Safe Social Distance


Medical experts have advised the public to practice safe social distancing — which means staying approximately 6 feet away from others.

This presents two challenges when conducting lie detector testing:

 (1) Maintaining a safe social distance between examiner and examinee
 (2) Keeping equipment clean and sterile

Lie detectors such as polygraph require close contact between examiner and examinee while testing and also use sensors or equipment that come into direct contact with the examinee.

Other lie detectors such as CVSA have similar challenges but, more importantly, have lower rates of accuracy (below 70%).



If you’re looking for a new, innovative technology that allows lie detection tests to be safely administered during the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic, then EyeDetect® is the answer.

EyeDetect is an automated, unbiased lie detection test that measures involuntary reactions of the eyes while a person sits at a computer answering true/false questions with a computer mouse.

It is the world’s only lie detection solution with greater than 88% accuracy that allows the test examiner and examinee to maintain a safe social distance while using minimal equipment that’s easy to keep clean. For these reasons, you could say it’s the best lie detector for today’s world.

peer-reviewed studies validate the accuracy of EyeDetect.

This technology is ideal for safely conducting tests for the following:

  • U.S. government screening of employees and contractors
  • State, county or city employee screening
  • Law enforcement screening
  • Parolees and probationers
  • Criminal investigations
  • Private security testing
  • Patients of therapists

Click here to see a new, one-page flyer about safely conducting lie detection tests with EyeDetect during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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