Newsletters 2020

Converus Newsletters - 2020

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August 2020
EyeDetect is the new screening technology for law enforcement and depts. of corrections. It accurately and safely validates the credibility of law enforcement and dept. of corrections personnel, as well as parolees — even during the current pandemic.

July 2020
EyeDetect featured on the Armstrong Williams Show. Case study: “Tucson Public Safety Agency Used EyeDetect to Hire Trustworthy Fire Fighters.” 3 new videos released: “Police Hiring: Here’s the Secret” | “Dept. of Corrections: Ensure Probation, Parolee and Staff Compliance” | “The Revolutionary EyeDetect v4 Station”

June 2020
EyeDetect+ gives U.S. security firms a new screening option, Converus CEO interviewed on Armstrong Williams Show, public safety agency case study, Converus offers to donate EyeDetect tests to law enforcement for free test drive.

May 2020
EyeDetect+ is Legally Compliant Worldwide! With sensors that measure physiological data similar to polygraph, EyeDetect+ can now be used in the 17 states plus the District of Columbia that previously only allowed polygraph; new EyeDetect video released; praise for the EyeDetect online training course.

April 2020
EyeDetect is the right technology in the right place at the right time because it provides an accurate, social-distancing compliant lie detector that’s safe to use during current pandemic; video demonstrates how to conduct safe lie detection testing during COVID-19; Converus Science Team member wins award.

March 2020
EyeDetect’s Audio Multi-issue Comparison Test (MCT) is revolutionary for testing examinees with lower reading skills; EyeDetect in Trinidad and Tobago news report; advanced training in Lima, Peru.

February 2020
EyeDetect’s multiple-use possibilities expands its role in credibility assessment, news reports, polygraph examiner says EyeDetect is a “leap” in lie detection technology, new EyeDetect brochure released.

January 2020
Report on the 6th Annual Converus Service Partner conference, Converus’ vision coming to fruition, Blue Line magazine story on EyeDetect, new Converus identity verification test, laptop version of EyeDetect station released.