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Converus Newsletters - 2019

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July 2019
Record number of EyeDetect tests, UNSPIA saves approx. $22k annually with EyeDetect, new EyeDetect DLC and MCT protocols are game-changers.

June 2019
EyeDetect training options include online, onsite, or at Converus.

May 2019
Credibility assessment experts worldwide can now test and score up to 4 relevant issues and know which one caused test failure.

April 2019
Read 3 incredible examples of how EyeDetect’s DLC test is quickly and accurately exposing deception.

March 2019
The excitement continues to build at Converus: EyeDetect featured on Dr. Phil’s podcast, Philippines Federal Agency Adopts EyeDetect, and IdentityDetect Wins Award.

February 2019
Report on the 5th Annual Converus Service Partner Conference, which featured several exciting announcements, shows the company continues its upward trajectory.

January 2019
Counseling centers’ clients are reaping great benefits from EyeDetect. It’s helping individuals and couples heal faster, as well as making the therapists’ efforts more effective.