Infidelity Test - Is someone cheating on you?

EyeDetect is a next generation lie detector and can spot a liar in 15 to 30 minutes. See if your spouse, partner or significant other has cheated. The eyes don’t lie.

Do you suspect something's not quite right?

Whether it’s a spouse, fiancée, or partner, find out if they’re lying about having sexual contact with someone other than you.

Tests can ask about sexual contact or other topics. Get the facts, fast.

Research shows that about 20% of married men cheat.

– Haywood Hunt Investigation Services, 2022

How a VerifEye Infidelity Test Works

It's the first mobile app for truth verification

It requires more thought to lie than to tell the truth.

And, scientists found that when a person thinks more, there is an increase in cognitive load, which causes the eyes to react in very specific ways. These lying eye behaviors are involuntary and subtle, but they can be measured.

The eyes don’t lie.

VerifEye is a mobile app truth verification test that’s about 80% accurate and very fast. The test is easy-to-use and can be taken anywhere, anytime. The phone camera monitors eye behavior while a person answers True/False questions. Pupil diameter, blink rate, and other things are measured to come up with a credibility score.

The eyes are the window to the soul.

Man taking an EyeDetect test

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