Avoid Bad Hires and Transactions > Reduce Risk

If job applicants lie to get the job, they’ll probably lie to keep it.

New Hires

With EyeDetect, quickly find the truth about a job applicant’s background that you can’t get from criminal records, motor vehicle databases, or drug tests.

Making a bad hire can threaten the organization’s assets and reputation.

EyeDetect is human-resource friendly because it’s unbiased, standardized and — better still — accurate.

EyeDetect Helps Manage Employee Risk

  • Find honest people to hire.
  • Monitor employee compliance.
  • Safeguard client data.
  • Manage investigations quickly and objectively.

Test Topics for New Hires

  • Illegal drug use
  • History of serious crimes
  • Ties to organized crime or cartels
  • Or any other disqualifying activity

Know Your Customer

With EyeDetect, quickly find the truth about a customer’s background that you can’t get from a credit bureau or criminal record database.

Giving access to thieves will threaten the company’s assets and reputation.

EyeDetect Helps Manage Credit Risk

  • Identify honest clients
  • Monitor compliance
  • Reduce fraudulent transactions
  • Or any other illegal activity

Test Topics for Customers

  • Lying on credit applications
  • Defaulting on payments
  • Providing false documents
  • Or any other disqualifying activity

The computerized tests take only 30 minutes, and the results are ready in less than 5 minutes. Because the tests are automated, you can practice safe distancing in times of pandemic.

4 Reasons to Implement EyeDetect

  • Save time and money eliminating applicants with problematic backgrounds.
  • Quickly find the truth in internal investigations.
  • Technology encourages confessions — applicants think twice about lying.
  • If polygraph is required, use EyeDetect+, ithe world’s first automated polygraph.

Internal Investigations

Security services companies may need to investigate crimes committed by employees. With EyeDetect, investigations can get faster closure by conducting reliable lie detection tests.

Accuracy has been field-tested at 90%.

EyeDetect has successfully been used to test for crimes such as armed robbery, fraud, felony theft, cybercrimes, identity theft and other crimes.

The world’s first automated polygraph: EyeDetect+

The best way to find the truth among job applicants is to use EyeDetect. And, if polygraphs are mandatory in the hiring process, EyeDetect+, the world’s first automated polygraph, can fulfill that need.

Video on EyeDetect+, the world’s first automated polygraph

Comparison of Polygraph, EyeDetect and EyeDetect+

Brochure about EyeDetect+, the world’s first automated polygraph

Summary of EyeDetect Research

Safe Social Distancing

Concerns about safe social distancing during lie detection tests are legitimate. During a polygraph, the examiner is in close proximity to the applicant. In addition, it’s challenging to clean all the equipment between examinees as they are in contact with two corrugated tubes, finger sensors, blood pressure cuff, and motion sensor mat.

EyeDetect can solve that issue. Get more information here about how EyeDetect testing allows for safe social distancing.