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Converus Service Partner Program

Stop Employee Corruption, Bribery, Fraud, Theft and more

Converus Service Partner Program helps you serve current customers and find new customers more effectively. Employees that steal, commit fraud, accept bribes, use drugs and other corrupt behavior make businesses highly vulnerable to substantial losses financially — losses that can easily reach millions of dollars. In fact, corruption is the single greatest obstacle to economic and social development in the world.

Organizations, government entities, and law enforcement agencies need trustworthy tools to screen job applicants and to periodically monitor current employees for unethical behavior.

For this reason, the global market is waiting for a credibility assessment technology like EyeDetect and TruthDetect. Our products empower organizations to conduct periodic employee evaluations or pre-employment screening in a highly effective, efficient and non-invasive manner. Organizations can better manage risk and ensure workplace integrity while keeping costs low and morale high.

For example, if you have a customer that needs a method for screening large numbers of applicants in a short amount of time, then EyeDetect is a perfect choice. It can serve as a first-stage screen to reduce those who then need to undergo a polygraph test.

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Now Accepting Partner Applications

EyeDetect and IdentityDetect by Converus are becoming significant players in the lie detection industry, and we would be very pleased to have you as a Partner.

Converus is currently accepting Partner applications from organizations that offer similar or complementary lie detection services to organizations, such as polygraph or other lie detection testing or employment screening.

A Converus Partner will focus on selling to organizations of all sizes. The Converus Sales Team will also work to sell to medium and large enterprise companies, as well as government and law enforcement agencies.

Converus will protect its partners in sales opportunities if you, as a Converus Partner, choose to approach an organization with a need. Partners will need to register each reselling opportunity with a Converus Sales Team contact. Once the opportunity is validated, Converus will protect this opportunity for the Partner and Converus will assist in closing the sale, if needed.