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If you missed any past issues, you can read any of them below:

March 2018
Another Caribbean nation choses EyeDetect, Student tour of Converus spurs more than 20 news reports, new testimonial videos released.

January 2018
Why 2018 will be a breakout year for Converus, report on the 4th Annual Converus Service Partner Conference, 30-minute radio interview, IntegrityDetect released, first CCAE course held in the U.S.

December 2017
Holiday greetings from Converus, recap of 2017 accomplishments, Idaho TV station reports on EyeDetect.

November 2017
Ex-CIA polygraph examiner comments on EyeDetect in 8 videos, Caribbean law enforcement expert’s videos, YouTube channel updated, more than 20 news outlets report on EyeDetect (including a Russian TV station), new EyeDetect demonstration video.

October 2017
EyeDetect featured on CNN and CNBC, 5 top-performing EyeDetect customers. Press releases: Converus Credibility Assessment Expert Certification, New Lie Detection Test Can Help US Government Identify Those Leaking Classified Information.

August 2017
IdentityDetect launched, Converus website updated, new IdentityDetect flyers. Press release: Identity Verification Technology.

July 2017
EyeDetect the ideal technology for solving public safety hiring challenges, new Converus logo. Press release: Caribbean’s Security Forces using EyeDetect.

June 2017
EyeDetect momentum stronger than ever, EyeDetect demonstrated to members of Congress, new law enforcement video testimonials, new EyeDetect flyer released. Press releases: Jayson Ahern, Law Enforcement, Scott Frazier, Converus a finalist for the Red Herring Top 100 North America award.

May 2017
Report on 3rd Annual Service Partners’ Conference, 33% quarter-over-quarter revenue growth, new customer video interviews.

April 2017
60% growth, new advisory board members, press coverage. Press releases: Pamela Meyer, Darryl Bullens.

February 2017
EyeDetect accuracy increases, House Chairman of Homeland Security Michael McCaul refers to EyeDetect indirectly in a CNN interview, additional press coverage. Press releases: Business Intelligence Tool, Drug Test. Blogs: Refugee Crisis, Legal System.