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Converus Newsletters - 2021

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January 2021
The State of Connecticut’s “Adult Sex Offender Services” recently started using EyeDetect to test sex offenders on a multi-year plan beginning this year. New case study: Private security company saves up $21,000 per month by eliminating costs associated with employee turnover and dismissals.

February 2021
Dates announced for Converus CONNECT ’21, an annual conference now open to all credibility assessment experts. New EyeDetect demo video released.

March 2021
New case study: Peruvian security company reduces hiring time and turnover costs by 50%. Excitement for Converus CONNECT ’21 grows. New 1-minute versions of 4 of the most popular EyeDetect videos released.

April 2021
Converus wins Security Today award, is featured on local TV news, and CONNECT ’21 promises to be Converus’ most memorable annual conference with new product announcements and success stories shared by customers.

May 2021
Converus releases world’s first automated polygraph. CONNECT ’21 kicks off.

June 2021
CONNECT ’21 attracted more attendees than any other annual Converus conference. New case study: Wyoming Highway Patrol.

July 2021
Converus will demo EyeDetect+ 2.0 — an automated polygraph — at the annual American Polygraph Association (APA) seminar in Austin, TX Aug. 30 – Sept. 2.

August 2021
Celebrating the 2021 APA Seminar with 5 important messages for polygraph examiners.

September 2021
What do APA members think of EyeDetect+ 2.0? Read our Sept. 2021 newsletter.

October 2021
How can your organization quickly find the truth? Visit:

November 2021
Attendees from 40 countries attend EyeDetect training; new press stories, including in Consumer Reports.

December 2021
EyeDetect+ gets first peer review. New product update gives polygraph examiners and others better tools to do their job effectively.