Investigations: Find the truth, faster

Law enforcement, attorneys, and other organizations conduct criminal and civil investigations every day.

With EyeDetect®, investigations can get to closure, faster, with reliable lie detection tests for suspects, witnesses and even victims.

When EyeDetect is used for investigations, it has been shown to have 90% accuracy in field cases. Tests last only 15 minutes.

EyeDetect has been used to test suspects for crimes such as murder, burglary, arson, sexual assault, felony theft, domestic violence, sexual abuse, armed robbery, shoplifting, identity theft, and other crimes.

Tests are non-intrusive and professional. There are no sensors to attach. Examinees are treated with respect and without bias.

Find the truth, faster.

EyeDetect Makes A Difference

Examiners can be trained in a day to write tests for investigations. Tools are provided online and with the case facts in hand, a test can be written, administered, and test results ready within 30 minutes!

There is no other lie detection solution on the market that can tout that speed and accuracy.

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