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VerifEye is the world’s best online lie detector test. Learn how this revolutionary technology works. When truth matters.

When truth matters

What is VerifEyeTM?

VerifEye is a mobile app for iOS or Android phones that quickly and accurately validates truth by measuring involuntary eye behavior.

Click here from your mobile device to download the VerifEye app.

VerifEye tests can be self-administered anywhere in about 10 minutes in almost any language. It significantly changes how the world verifies truth.

World renowned scientists developed the original ocular-motor deception test in 2003 and through extensive research, they have made improvements ever since, including this significant milestone.

Why is VerifEye different?

Compared to other truth verification options available, it is fast, accurate, easy to use, automated, low cost, flexible, and specifically designed for mobile phones. VerifEye is unique.

What does VerifEye do?

Using a standard cell phone, along with some patent-pending techniques, you can accurately verify the truth for these scenarios:

  • Employment: to vet job applicants or contractors or to monitor existing employee or contractor behavior
  • Identity: to validate a person’s identity for financial services, to verify the truthfulness of a self-reported, personal or professional profile, or to validate a person’s identity for access control
  • Creditworthiness: to determine credit risk for new client accounts, loans, or lines of credit
  • Claims: to verify the truthfulness of insurance claims, to test for compliance with a treatment program or parole terms and conditions, or to resolve allegations of infidelity or sexual misconduct

What happens when you don’t tell the truth?

Your brain has to work harder when you are deceptive. The greater the consequences of getting caught, the greater the work load (cognitive load). This affects the eyes, whether you know it or not. VerifEye measures changes in pupil diameter, eye movement, blinks, fixations and other things.

Why does it matter?

When administered in combination with other tests, it can add validity to a selection or review process. VerifEye is an overt truth verification test designed to directly measure a participant’s memory of past experiences, including counterproductive or dishonest behavior. Credibility can be a strong predictor of overall job performance, reliability, and trustworthiness.

The eyes don’t lie®

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How does a person take a VerifEye test?

Organizations choose a test, create a test link, and send it by text or email to the test taker. Individuals contact a VerifEye service provider to order a test, and receive a test link from that provider. Clicking a test link launches the VerifEye app on the test taker’s Android or iPhone.

What happens during a test?

Tests are self-administered on a mobile phone. Instructions on how to take the test are given with a short tutorial video. Test takers spend another 10 minutes verbally answering questions. The camera records eye behaviors, the speaker asks questions, and the mic records answers.

When the test is finished, the test taker’s answers to questions and eye measurements are analyzed and scored, indicating truthfulness (or not).

How accurate is VerifEye?

Test participants are classified correctly as deceptive or truthful up to 84% of the time. The score considers pupil dilation, eye movements, blinks, and more. Dr. John Kircher, co-inventor of the digital polygraph, has developed polygraph and ocular scoring systems since the 1990’s.

How can I get the results?

Authorized users can get test results in a web-based dashboard or by email. A Converus Credibility Score shows the probability the person was truthful.

Easy to Use

DIY testing; listen and answer verbally


Correctly classifies up to 84% of the time.


A 10-minute test with immediate results


Low-cost tests; no examiner required


Available anywhere 24/7


Non-contact; no sensors attached


Mobile phone administered and scored


Test data is encrypted and tamper-proof


Scored by computer algorithm

Free App

Available for Android or iOS phones