EyeDetect Lie Detection

EyeDetect™: Giving Deception Detection a New Look

It Yields 85% Accuracy in Less Than 40 Minutes

EyeDetect™ is a pre-employment and periodic employee screening solution developed to protect organizations from corruption. Corruption is a multibillion-dollar worldwide problem. Private companies and government agencies alike are harmed when their employees commit theft, bribery, or other criminal activities. 

The human body responds in many ways to the stress of deceiving; the greater the consequences of the deception, the greater the stress. EyeDetect’s unique ocular-motor deception test (ODT) measures bio-cognitive responses, such as changes in pupil diameter, eye movements, eye blinks, and fixations. These changes reflect stress and cognitive effort and are precisely measured with modern eye tracking devices.

Fast and accurate

Across a series of validation trials, EyeDetect classified truthful and deceptive examinees with 85% accuracy. An EyeDetect examination is typically completed within approximately 30-40 minutes. This level of performance in such a short, noninvasive session is unprecedented in the field of lie detection.

Noninvasive, easy to use

EyeDetect is almost completely automated. Examinees receive brief instructions, and are seated with a chinrest in front of the computer and calibrated to the eye tracker. They read simple true-false questions and answer by pressing one of two keys. The computer administers the test and automatically assesses the likelihood that the subject was truthful or deceptive.

Cost-effective, highly scalable

If budget is a concern, you’ll be pleased to know EyeDetect tests are priced economically. Since the test is nearly fully automated, one proctor can administer up to 14 tests per day.


EyeDetect Lie Detection

EyeDetect Lie Detection

EyeDetect Lie Detection