Lie Detector Testing with EyeDetect | Converus

Get access to all available EyeDetect tests on hundreds of topics. New tests are created daily and can be requested when needed.

There are Many Types of EyeDetect® Tests

Customers have access to all available tests created by Converus. There are pre-employment tests, tests for ongoing evaluations, sex offender tests, tests for criminal and civil case, and many more. New EyeDetect tests are created daily and can be requested when needed.

Tests are available in many languages.

After the test, the examinee’s test responses and corresponding eye behavior are analyzed by algorithm and stored on a secure cloud server.

A detailed report is created with a Credibility Score, which indicates the probability that the individual was truthful or deceptive. Only authorized personnel can access the report.


Stealing money, products or equipment
for personal use or resale.

Serious Crimes

Commission of serious crimes,
whether caught or not

Confidential Information

Revealing confidential company information
to unauthorized persons.

Drug Trafficking

Involved in manufacturing, transporting
or distributing illegal drugs.

Documentation Fraud

Illegally altering or modifying documents.

Unauthorized Transactions

Irregularities in financial services transactions.


Discover a history of drug use
instead of recent drug detection.

Drug Use

Use of illegal drugs.


Offering or accepting bribes or
unauthorized and undisclosed financial benefit.

Ties to Criminal Groups

Having ties to criminal groups such as
organized crime, cartels or gangs.


Having ties to terrorist organizations.

Cyber Crimes

Electronic vandalism or sabotage such as
email scams or viruses.

Fuel Theft

Stealing fuel from company vehicles.

Identity Theft

Stealing or selling the identity or
financial resources of other individuals.