The Many Duties of Governments


Federal governments worldwide are primarily tasked with maintaining justice, ensuring domestic tranquility, providing common defense, and promoting the general welfare of the country. To effectively accomplish these goals, honor and integrity are key factors. Hiring honest employees and monitoring them are an integral part of the solution.


To ensure that the legal system is operating optimally, it’s necessary to confirm that those responsible — those in key positions of trust — are credible and have integrity.

Ongoing evaluations of the credibility of persons in positions of trust can be simplified and automated with EyeDetect. Tests can be conducted in a professional and nonintrusive manner. No sensors are attached during tests. And because of that, those tested feel they’ve been treated with respect and without bias.

Establishing a process to conduct regular “credibility assessments” for employees will reduce theft, fraud, and other inappropriate behaviors.

Domestic Tranquility

Law enforcement organizations help ensure domestic tranquility. Pre-screening job applicants is vital to find those best suited for the job. Conducting ongoing evaluations helps ensure that those hired retain integrity.

For law enforcement agencies needing a Law Enforcement Pre-Employment Test (LEPET), EyeDetect is ideal.

A LEPET typically measures truthfulness about an applicant’s past drug use, criminal behavior (whether caught or not caught), and accuracy of the information provided when completing the police department application. There is a standard EyeDetect LEPET, which can be modified to meet the needs of any police or sheriff’s department.

Used as one of the first steps or phases in the hiring process, EyeDetect can inexpensively and quickly eliminate candidates that have been not been completely forthcoming about their past.

Common Defense

Militaries and security forces are responsible for the common defense of the nation. It only takes one traitor or one incident to cause significant or even tragic problems. The name Edward Snowden lives on in infamy.

EyeDetect tests exist for screening personnel for espionage, sabotage and terrorist ties, as well as many other critical issues.

Why take chances when so much is at stake?

Research shows that when relying on their own intuition, personnel tasked with determining the credibility of those those they’ve screened and interviewed are about as accurate as a “coin toss” in successfully distinguishing liars from truth-tellers. Despite best efforts, detecting lies often stumps the most experienced.

EyeDetect, when used in conjunction with polygraph, greatly increases the opportunity to “get it right” the first time. You can have up to 99% confidence in the outcome of test results when screening employees or contractors.

EyeDetect is highly efficient, cost-effective and noninvasive. It’s precisely what’s needed to find the truth.

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