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What is EyeDetect?

EyeDetect® is the next generation of lie detectors. Using an infrared optical scanner, EyeDetect measures subtle changes in the eye to detect if a person is being truthful or deceptive.

Since corruption is a multibillion dollar problem, EyeDetect can be used as a screening solution for job applicants, employees, parolees, law enforcement, and immigrants/refugees to protect organizations from corruption and crime.

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How does EyeDetect Work?

EyeDetect uses both an infrared optical scanner and complex algorithms that work simultaneously to determine a Credibility Score.

The human body responds in many ways to deception; the greater the consequences of the lie, the greater the cognitive load. The eyes reflect these changes in cognitive effort. The optical scanner measures changes in pupil diameter, eye movement, fixations and other features.

The person being tested sits in front of a computer and uses a chin rest to stabilize his or her head. After being calibrated to the optical scanner, the person answers a series of true/false questions.

The question responses, along with measured pupillary changes and eye movements are stored on a secure, encrypted data locker. Only authorized personnel can access the report through a Web browser or mobile device to view individual tests and the Converus Credibility Score. This score is the probability that the person was truthful.

Features and Benefits

Highly Accurate

Field tests show that EyeDetect classifies people as truthful or deceptive with an average accuracy of 86%.

Fast Results

Test are completed in just 30 minutes. A report with detailed results is then generated within 5 minutes. This report includes a Converus Credibility Score and provides details such as how the person responded to each question.


No cables or sensors are attached to the person being tested. They simply sit in front of a computer and answer a series of T and F questions.


A test proctor can be trained in 2 hours and can administer up to 12 tests a day using only one station.

Simple to Use

The person taking the test follows simple instructions provided onscreen. They take a quick practice test to become familiar with the procedure.


Since a test proctor can process up to 12 tests per station per day, EyeDetect is scalable to fit your organization’s needs. Quickly screen candidates with fast results.

Incorruptible & Unbiased

Unlike other lie detection tests, the examinee interacts with a computer, not an examiner. The test proctor cannot alter test results. Test data are encrypted in real time and are tamper-proof.

Bank-Level Security

Converus uses the same encryption and physical security that banks use. All data are encrypted and stored using military grade 256-bit AES / CBC mode encryption on a tamper-proof data locker.

Complete Analytics & Reporting

Only authorized personnel can access individual and group test results via a Web browser. Test results may be sorted by date range, department, test type, credibility score, and more.

Flexible & Portable

One or many stations may be used at any location, or examinees may visit a testing center to be tested. The EyeDetect Station is portable and can be taken to a regional or remote office to administer tests.

What's Included

EyeDetect Station Parts
EyeDetect Station Parts