Make Communities Safer with EyeDetect

Reduce Risk with Regular Evaluations

Corrections officials are tasked with the overwhelming challenge of keeping tabs on parolees, including sex offenders and probationers. EyeDetect helps departments of corrections monitor these individuals to improve the corrections process and to lower risk.


Most corrections systems have limited budgets and are understaffed. Workloads are so great that many at-risk parolees and probationers go long periods of time without lie detection tests.

A Post-Conviction Sex Offender Test (PCSOT) by EyeDetect can help corrections officials assess risk — quickly, efficiently and economically. EyeDetect is accurate, fast and effective.

PCSOTs are available with EyeDetect for these scenarios:

  • Instant offense (first offense)
  • Monitoring (reoffense)
  • Maintenance (probation or parole violations)
  • Sexual history
  • Domestic violence

And each PCSOT can be customized for various types of offenders:

  • Juvenile offenders
  • Adults with adult victims
  • Adults with child victims
  • Domestic violence
  • Child pornography
  • Voyeurs or exhibitionists

Each PCSOT was developed in consideration of the background and offense of each type of parolee/probationer. Still, additional tests may be created for other unique situations. Or, existing tests can be customized.

EyeDetect tests are customizable and available to help keep communities safe.

Why EyeDetect Works

Studies on deception show that lying is more cognitively demanding than telling the truth. In other words, lying requires more thought than telling the truth. Cognitive resources are needed to suppress the truth, fabricate the lie, and maintain its consistency, coherence, and believability over time.

Deceptive individuals may also monitor their own personal behavior to try to appear calm and relaxed, especially while undergoing interrogation or cross-examination. Inhibiting truthful responses, maintaining credibility over time, and self-monitoring for signs of information leakage are cognitive processes that require mental effort.

It is more difficult to lie than to tell the truth. The eyes don’t lie.