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By Ashley Mazerolle Marketing – As a business owner or employee, you may not realize the serious impact of employee theft on a company’s integrity and reputation. Employee theft includes any form of stealing, whether it's a small act of petty theft or millions of dollars stolen by an executive. Unfortunately, ... Read More
May 9, 2023Ashley Mazerolle
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For years, computer hacks have endangered our data, our privacy, our identities and our finances. Sometimes viruses or ransomware cost us time, deprive us of access, or cause other inconveniences like lost work and productivity. Other times, such as a power grid attack or sextortion, they cause pain and suffering.
May 5, 2023Jeff Pizzino
By Russ Warner, Marketing – As someone who's worked in management roles for years, I know firsthand how costly it can be to hire the wrong person. Not only do you waste time and money on training and onboarding, but you also risk damage to your company's reputation if the person ... Read More
May 1, 2023Tami Mickelsen
20230313 Todd demos VerifEye 150px
VerifEye, a first-of-its-kind mobile app that can accurately verify truth in about 5 minutes, is now available as a download from the Apple Store or Google Play in more than 100 countries. Countries include the U.S., Mexico, all of Central America, most of South America and the Caribbean, 34 European ... Read More
April 25, 2023Jeff Pizzino
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By Ashley Mazerolle, Marketing – Hi everyone! Nowadays, honesty and integrity are essential for organizations to thrive. When businesses are transparent with their customers and partners, trust is established, which ultimately leads to profitability. However, the unfortunate reality is that corruption has become a widespread issue for many businesses worldwide. The ... Read More
April 1, 2023Ashley Mazerolle
By Odessa Powell, Marketing – As an entrepreneur, founder, or marketer in the education industry, it's crucial to understand how important hiring quality candidates is. Background checks on potential hires ensures hiring quality candidates. Background checks allow employers to discover vital information about a job applicant before time, money and any ... Read More
March 23, 2023Ashley Mazerolle
20150603 Through the Wormhole – Mobile Lie Detector 150px
The Science Channel’s prediction in a 2015 episode “Through the Wormhole” that someday we might have the ability to use a cell phone to tell if somebody is telling the truth probably made a few viewers squirm.
March 17, 2023Jeff Pizzino
2023-03-08 Todd at CONNECT’23 square VerifEye English 150px
The March 8 announcement of the release of VerifEye at CONNECT’23 — Converus’ annual conference — impressed, intrigued and delighted the hundreds of attendees from nearly 50 countries. VerifEye, a technology three years in development, now makes it possible for organizations or individuals to send a unique link via text ... Read More
March 17, 2023Jeff Pizzino
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Organizations and individuals can now accurately verify the truth about a person in about five minutes with VerifEye by Converus, a new app for iOS and Android phones. Potential users include corporations, government agencies, law enforcement, banks, insurance companies, security firms, and online marketplaces.
March 8, 2023Jeff Pizzino
By Jenny Han, Guest Blogger – Employee theft may not always be big scale, but the costs add up. With a suspected $50 billion lost annually, according to CNBC in 2017, it’s clear that businesses need to be prepared to deal with this problem and prevent it from occurring ... Read More
March 2, 2023Ashley Mazerolle