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SUMMARY: Researchers from Texas A&M will be at the TAMIU campus July 18-23 conducting a study of an ocular deception detection device produced by Converus called EyeDetect.
July 7, 2024Jeff Pizzino
The accuracy and reliability of EyeDetect’s and VerifEye’s ocular-motor deception test (ODT) protocol has been further validated by a recently peer-reviewed publication included in the book, “Modern Pupillometry.”
June 25, 2024Jeff Pizzino
By Russ Warner, VP Marketing & Operations – As we interact with and learn from scientists, teachers, mentors, friends, and family, we adopt ideologies shaped by these experiences. Without other frames of reference, we often hold on to our understanding of concepts based on this learning and personal experience. However, ... Read More
May 1, 2024Ashley Mazerolle
Did you know romance scams cost Americans more than $1 billion in 2023? (That’s according to What’s more alarming is that this billion-dollar number doesn’t represent the entire cost—many cases go unreported.
April 26, 2024Ashley Mazerolle
By Ashley Mazerolle, Marketing – Polygraph tests, commonly known as lie detector exams, have been used for decades to determine the truthfulness of individuals. Some employers require prospective employees to take the test to determine their eligibility for employment, while law enforcement officials use it to help decide the verdict of ... Read More
April 22, 2024Ashley Mazerolle
SUMMARY: This podcast interview dives deep into the latest advancements in lie detection technology and how they work.
April 2, 2024Jeff Pizzino
SUMMARY: What if an app on your smartphone could verify that someone is telling you the truth?
April 1, 2024Jeff Pizzino
Thanks to advancements in employee screening technologies, law enforcement agencies can quickly identify the most qualified job candidates while substantially reducing hiring costs, according to tech company Converus. Company CEO Todd Mickelsen will explain these technologies following the keynote presentation and present a case study with staff from a sheriff’s ... Read More
February 19, 2024Jeff Pizzino
Except for transitioning from an analog to a computerized test in 1991, polygraph technology remained largely unchanged while retaining its place as the de facto lie detector since its invention in 1921.
January 30, 2024Jeff Pizzino
VerifEye by Converus, a truth verification app for iPhone and Android phones, now has a U.S. patent pending. Since its June 2023 release, it’s seen a rapid increase in usage worldwide.
January 25, 2024Jeff Pizzino