Training Videos

EyeDetect Training Videos & Resources

The following training videos were previously recorded. Speakers included Mark Handler, Russ Warner, Paige Chipman, Eliza Sanders, Jeremy Blau, and Daniel Alvarez.

Training was recorded live over a 3-day period. Most videos do not have a formal introduction. All videos are located on YouTube.

The most recent virtual training course was held November 1-3, 2022.

To register (free of charge) or to see all training and certification information, visit EyeDetect Training. On that same page, there is a link to each online certification test in the “Certification” section.

Training & Certificate Program

Training and Certificate Program Video PDF

Test Proctor

Test Proctor Video PDF
How to Setup a V4 Station Video
How to Setup a V3 Station Video
Pre-test Checklist Video PDF Doc
 • Pre-test Checklist – MCT verbal instructions PDF
 • Pre-test Checklist – Hybrid MCT verbal instructions PDF
 • Pre-test Checklist – Audio MCT verbal instructions PDF
 • Pre-test Checklist – DLC2 verbal instructions PDF
 • Pre-test Checklist – Hybrid DLC verbal instructions PDF
Examinee Suitability Video PDF Doc
EyeDetect Manager Video PDF
Number test Video PDF

Test Proctor+

Physio Tracker v2 Video PDF Spec Sheet
Demo of EyeDetect+ Video
EyeDetect+ Manager Video PDF
Demo of Exporting Test in NCCA ASCII Video


Administrator Video PDF
Why do examinees pass or fail? Video PDF
Advanced Topics – algorithm, base rates, successive hurdles & concordance Video PDF

Introduction to Test Writing

Intro to Test Writing Video PDF

MCT Test Writer

MCT & RCT Tests Video PDF
Test Manager Demo – MCT Video

Hybrid MCT Test Writer

Hybrid MCT Tests Video PDF

Audio MCT Test Writer

Audio MCT Tests Video PDF

DLC2 & Hybrid DLC Test Writer

DLC2 & Hybrid DLC Video PDF
Test Manager Demo – DLC Video

Investigative Interviewer

Investigative Interviews (Mark Handler) Video PDF

Tech Support Specialist

Tech Support Specialist Video PDF


Take EyeDetect to Court: Legal Considerations (PowerPoint) Video
Overview of EyeDetect (PowerPoint) PDF
Technical Overview: EyeDetect and EyeDetect+ PDF
Pupil and Memory Diagnostic Tests PDF
Comparison: EyeDetect, EyeDetect+ and Polygraph PDF
AAPP – Successive Hurdles and Base Rates (Mark) PDF
Base Rates of Guilt in Testing Populations PDF
Successive Hurdles Calculator Excel
MCT Test Report Explanation PDF
HMCT Test Report Explanation PDF
DLC Test Report Explanation PDF
HDLC Test Report Explanation PDF
DLC2 Test Report Explanation PDF
Article – Antecedent Probability (Meehl & Rosen) PDF
Technical Update – Use of Chinrest PDF
Doctoral Dissertation on MCT Protocol (A. Potts) PDF
Summary of Research by Dr. John Kircher Video
Hybrid DLC Development & Validation (J. Kircher) PDF
Hybrid MCT Development & Validation (J. Kircher) PDF