Local Scoring

Local Scoring Training Resources

The following material is intended for customers who use the local scoring implementation of EyeDetect. This information is confidential and cannot be shared without prior authorization from Converus, Inc.

This page only includes materials related to the Local Scoring implementation of EyeDetect. To access all other training videos, visit the training videos page here.

To register for standard and advanced training (no cost) or to see information on training and certification, visit EyeDetect Training. On that same page, there is a link to each online certification test in the “Certification” section.

This page includes the link to the online test required for the Local Scoring certificate.

Local Scoring — Test Proctor & Administrator

Local Scoring Test Proctor & Administrator Training: Video
Certification Test: Link
PowerPoint slides: PDF
Practical Exercises: Document (Word)
Practical Exercises: Text file