Infidelity Test - Is someone cheating on you?

EyeDetect is a next generation lie detector and can spot a liar in 15 to 30 minutes. See if your spouse, partner or significant other has cheated. The eyes don’t lie.

Infidelity Test: Is your spouse cheating?

Whether it’s your spouse, fiancée, partner, or exclusive, find out if they’re lying about having physical, sexual contact with anyone other than you.

This test is standardized and asks about physical sexual contact with others. It does not ask about flirting or about specific people by name. If that is needed, a customized test is required; those cost more (see below).

Estimates today find married men cheating at rates between 25 percent and 72 percent.

– Washington Post, February 2012

How the Infidelity Test Works

EyeDetect: The Most Accurate Lie Detector—Ever.

It requires more thought to lie than to tell the truth.

And, scientists found that when a person thinks more, there is an increase in cognitive load, which causes the eyes to react in very specific ways. These lying eye behaviors are involuntary and subtle, but they can be measured.

The eyes don’t lie.

EyeDetect is a computerized, 15-minute lie detection test that’s just as accurate as polygraph, but faster and less expensive. It is non-obtrusive and easy-to-use. An infrared eye tracker monitors eye behavior while a person answers True/False questions on a computer screen. Pupil diameter, reading behaviors, eye fixations, blink rate, and other things are measured to come up with a credibility score.

The eyes are the window to the soul.

Man taking an EyeDetect test

25 percent of married men have had at least one extramarital affair.

University of Chicago, 2004

How Much it Costs

A standardized infidelity test is $300. Customized tests can cost as much as $500, depending on the complexity. Compare that to a $500 or $900 polygraph test that takes 90 minutes.

Find out if your spouse, partner, fiancée, or exclusive is cheating with a 15-minute test and results in just 5 minutes.

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