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Test sex offenders to learn if they are telling the truth about past and present behavior…quickly, inexpensively and with 90% accuracy.

Test Sex Offenders:
Make Treatment Easier with EyeDetect

Treatment providers have concerns related to treating and screening sex offenders and other parolees/probationers — as well as for those providing therapeutic counseling to individuals, couples, families and others.

These questions include:
– How accurate is the screening test?
– Is the test standardized?
– Is the test objective or does it discriminate?
– Can the test be done in a timely manner?
– Is the test expensive?

Download: EyeDetect Overview for Adult and Juvenile Sex Offenders (PDF)

Download: Infidelity & Addictions flyer (PDF)

Download: Case Study – Internet Crimes Against Children (PDF)

EyeDetect is 88 to 90% accurate, is standardized and automated, and half the cost of a conventional lie detector test.

EyeDetect tests are ready for a variety of sex offenders and their therapy status ― whether it’s first-time offenders, re-occurring offenders, or parole or probation violation.

“Testing [with EyeDetect] appears very accurate… just about every time a guy has failed, he has admitted to more secrets. It is a powerful therapeutic tool, and it has been an integral part of what we offer to couples trying to heal.”
                       – Director of a Treatment Center

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Post-Conviction Sex Offender Test (PCSOT)

A Post-Conviction Sex Offender Test (PCSOT) by EyeDetect can help corrections officials or treatment providers assess risk — quickly, efficiently and economically.

PCSOTs are available with EyeDetect for these scenarios:

  • Instant offense (first offense)
  • Monitoring (re-offense)
  • Maintenance (probation or parole violations)
  • Sexual history
  • Domestic violence

Each PCSOT can be customized for various types of offenders:

  • Juvenile offenders
  • Adults with adult victims
  • Adults with child victims
  • Domestic violence
  • Child pornography
  • Voyeurs or exhibitionists

Tactical Credibility Assessment

Research shows that credibility assessment tools such as EyeDetect when used with patients in therapy or parolees/probationers can effectively raise the base rate of admissions from under 5% to over 50%.

It is understood that one of the biggest predictors of whether someone will make a statement against self-interest is their perception of the evidence against them. Failing an accurate credibility assessment test exerts psychological pressure on the suspect to admit to hands-on offenses.

Knowing that a person has failed an accurate credibility assessment examination gives therapists or parole officers the added evidence needed to justify continuing an interview with that person.

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