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Learn how security companies can use EyeDetect to hire guards or conduct investigations and comply with the Dept. of Labor guidelines.

Security Services: Protecting people, places and information

Security companies protect people, places, and information. The public inherently trusts them. So it’s imperative to hire honest personnel.

Unfortunately, some job applicants have behaved badly in the past. That fact won’t be discovered in a DMV or criminal database or with a drug test. Hiring a bad apple could threaten a security company’s reputation, customers’ assets, and public safety.

The best way to hire honest security personnel is to use EyeDetect. It’s standardized, automated, and unbiased. And, if polygraph exams are mandatory in the hiring process, EyeDetect+ will fulfill that requirement.

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EPPA Compliant

EyeDetect+ meets the U.S. Federal Government definition of polygraph of the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 (EPPA) and could be used to pre-screen “prospective employees of armored car, security alarm, and security guard firms who protect facilities, materials or operations…”

High Standard Solution Available

Law enforcement trust EyeDetect to hire personnel. Security companies can use the same standard. Click the video to see how one state police agency uses EyeDetect.

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Pre-employment Screening

Security companies can use the same standard of testing that law enforcement uses to automate and greatly streamline the hiring process.

Pre-employment tests can measure truthfulness about past drug use, criminal history, or other behaviors. EyeDetect tests are modified to meet the specific requirements of any organization.

As part of the first stage in hiring, EyeDetect inexpensively and quickly eliminates candidates that are deceptive. It’s better to remove bad apples at the beginning than spend time and resources to find them later.



COVID-19 Creates Need for More Security Services

The pandemic has created the demand for additional security guards to protect and monitor unused offices and facilities. Companies need to fill open positions quickly. EyeDetect+ is faster and more scalable than existing methods. And, it allows for safe social distancing while testing.

During a polygraph, social distancing isn’t possible as the examiner is in close proximity to the applicant. EyeDetect solves that problem.

Watch this video to see how EyeDetect’s automated test allows for safe social distancing during a lie detection test.

Internal Investigations

Security services companies may need to investigate crimes committed by employees. With EyeDetect, investigations can get faster closure by conducting reliable lie detection tests.

Accuracy has been field-tested at 90%.

EyeDetect has successfully been used to test for crimes such as armed robbery, fraud, felony theft, shoplifting, cybercrimes, identity theft and other crimes.



HR Interviews

Police Badge

Research shows that most people conducting an interview are about 54% accurate in detecting a liar. That’s about as accurate as a “coin toss.”

Don’t leave important hiring decisions to something as accurate as a coin toss.

Let EyeDetect help you quickly find dishonest candidates.