Pre-Employment Lie Detection

Pre-Employment Lie Detection:
Save time in hiring. Find the right people.
Reduce employee turnover.

Corruption is a multibillion-dollar problem worldwide. It’s the single greatest obstacle to economic and social development. It disrupts markets, cripples economic growth, debases democracy and undermines the rule of law. Research shows that moving a business from a country with a low level of corruption to a country with medium or high levels of corruption is equivalent to a 20% tax on foreign business.

Corrupt behavior and unethical business practices place many enterprise companies at risk publicly and financially.

EyeDetect® helps organizations more effectively manage risk and ensure workplace integrity while keeping costs low and morale high due to our nonintrusive solution for deception detection.

How EyeDetect Can Make A Difference

EyeDetect Station


Use EyeDetect to narrow down among hiring candidates. For example, if you have 10 candidates for a job position, an EyeDetect can identify which individuals are dishonest. Then, the interview process can begin with those who have integrity.

Tests are only 30 minutes and have 86% accuracy. Plus, no sensors are attached, so EyeDetect is non-intrusive.

Ongoing Screening

Private companies and government agencies alike are harmed when their employees commit theft, bribery, or other criminal activities. Use EyeDetect to periodically test employees, especially those who deal with sensitive information or have access to financial assets. These tests can make sure your employees are not accepting bribes, engaging in illegal activities, or stealing from the company.

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