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Quickly verify if a traveler is exactly who they claim to be. Border and immigration security processes will be revolutionized.

Government and Immigration: Keeping Citizens Safe

According to the World Bank, there were over 1.2 billion international travelers in 2015. Most of these travelers use legitimate passports and travel documents — they really were who they said they were. Unfortunately, a small percentage of travelers were not and bypassed today’s methods of travel and immigration screening.

Interpol reports that over 40 million passports have been reported stolen since 2002. While not all of these stolen passports are used for illegal travel, some are. In 2012, the United States investigated almost 4,000 cases of passport fraud. The European border agency Frontex says over 100,000 people attempted to cross EU borders with a fake passport.

IdentityDetect® doesn’t validate the veracity of the passport. However, it can confirm that the person holding the passport is the person listed on the passport. It has made monumental steps in immigration screening.

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How IdentityDetect Can Make A Difference

Potential Use in Immigration Screening and Applications

Organizations responsible for ensuring traveler safety and protecting borders can use IdentityDetect to quickly verify travelers are who they claim to be. Arriving passengers can use their mobile device to quickly complete an IdentityDetect evaluation. Those who pass this first review can be fast-tracked; those who have questionable results can undergo additional screening.

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Assisting with Visa Applications

Travelers may need Visas for some countries. By including an IdentityDetect evaluation as part of an online visa application process, organizations can have more confidence in the veracity of the traveler.

IdentityDetect Tablet and Mobile Device

Does IdentityDetect Replace Existing Processes?

IdentityDetect is a supplement to existing border and immigration screening security processes. It helps organizations to reduce the number of in-depth screenings required and more accurately identify visitors or applicants that may need additional screening.

IdentityDetect is Customizable to Meet Your Needs

IdentityDetect runs as a service and is easily integrated into your existing immigration processes. With a REST API, integrating the system is straightforward. As needed, IdentityDetect evaluations may be customized to meet your specific requirements.