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Verify employee identity in minutes with IdentityDetect. Find out if someone really is who they say they are. IdentityDetect screens out the impostors.

Employment: Identity Verification
Save time in hiring. Find the right people. Reduce employee turnover.

When you invest in hiring new employees, you want to be sure that you’re hiring the right person. The first step in that process is knowing that people are really who they say they are.

IdentityDetect® can help you screen out those who are presenting false identities to mask previous criminal or other undesirable behavior.

Download: U.S. Government flyer (PDF)

How IdentityDetect Can Make A Difference

Job Interview


As part of your interviewing process, or even as early as your resume/CV review process, you can offer an IdentityDetect evaluation as a fast and effective method to screen applicants. You’ll have greater confidence that you’re hiring employees who are honest and have nothing to hide.

For additional screening options beyond Identity Verification, please explore the pre-employment screening test options available with EyeDetect, also from Converus.

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