Government & Counterterrorism

Government and Counterterrorism:
EyeDetect Keeping Citizens Safe

Federal governments worldwide are primarily tasked with countering terrorism, maintaining justice, ensuring domestic tranquility, providing common defense, and promoting the general welfare of the country.

To accomplish these goals, honor and integrity are key factors. Hiring honest employees and monitoring them are integral to this solution.

To ensure things operate optimally, it’s necessary to confirm that those in key positions of trust are credible and have integrity.

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How EyeDetect Can Make A Difference

Domestic Tranquility

Ongoing credibility assessments are simple and automated with EyeDetect.

Tests are non-intrusive and professional. There are no sensors to attach. Participants are treated with respect and without bias.

Conducting regular credibility assessments reduces theft, fraud, and other inappropriate behaviors.

Common Defense

Militaries and security forces are responsible to defend the nation. It only takes one traitor or security breach to cause significant problems. The name of Edward Snowden lives on in infamy.

EyeDetect can screen personnel for espionage, sabotage and terrorist ties, or any other critical issues.

EyeDetect Station
Metal Detector

Law Enforcement Pre-Employment Test

A LEPET can measure truthfulness about past drug use, criminal behavior, and other behaviors. EyeDetect LEPET’s are modified to meet the specific needs of any public safety group.

If used as a first step in the hiring process, EyeDetect inexpensively and quickly eliminates candidates with inappropriate behavior.

Terrorists Infiltrating As Refugees

Terrorists posing as refugees have killed innocent civilians. In fact, the terrorists linked to the November 2015 Paris attack were arrested in a refugee camp in Austria.

The number of terrorists infiltrating refugee camps is extremely small, but causes a challenge for legitimate refugees.

Fortunately, EyeDetect is automated and computer-based. It does not discriminate or have biases.

Immigrant Screening

There are serious challenges in successfully screen refugees, visa applicants or tourists. There are tens of thousands of applicants and few staff members.

Without efficiencies, large groups of people cannot be properly vetted to prevent terrorists entering the country.

Converus identifies those with ties to terrorists and those with falsified documentation or application.

EyeDetect Document Verification

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Risk Management
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Why take chances when so much is at stake?

Research shows that if you rely on intuition during an interview, your accuracy in detecting a liar is about 54%. That is about as accurate as a coin toss.

EyeDetect, if combined with polygraph, greatly increases the chances of “getting it right” the first time and can give you up to 99% confidence in the outcome of test results.

This 30-minute test can ask: “Have you committed any acts of terrorism?” “Have you worked with or do you support any terrorist organizations?” Participants that fail the test can be rejected or screened further.

EyeDetect is highly efficient, cost-effective and noninvasive.
It’s precisely what’s needed to find the truth.