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EyeDetect by Converus is a revolutionary lie detector test that has changed the way the world detects deception. Learn how it detects lies by observing the eyes. The eyes don’t lie.

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The Next Step in the Evolution of Lie Detection


1st Ocular Lie Detector

Noncontact and 86-88% accurate

Credibility Assessment: EyeDetect Monitor Station
EyeDetect Logo

Next generation lie detector that spots a
liar in 15-30 min. monitoring eye behavior.

1st App to Verify Truth

Fast, economical, easy-to-use

Credibility Assessment: IdentityDetect Laptop
IdentityDetect Logo

An evolution in truth verification, available
anytime, anywhere, and in most languages.

1st Automated Polygraph

Reliable, objective, 89-91% accurate

Credibility Assessment: IdentityDetect Laptop
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A convergence of the 2 best lie detectors,
get more reliable tests and data analysis.


I expect we’ll end up saving $60,000-70,000 annually by using EyeDetect by Converus.

– Justin Davis
Background Investigator/Recruiting
Kent City (WA) Police Dept.


Years ago, there was a show on the Science Channel narrated by Morgan Freeman. One of the future possibilities was this very device…a hand-held deception testing app. We are here.

– RG, Service Provider
Attendee at the 9th Annual CONNECT'23 Conference commenting on VerifEye.


What makes today’s polygraph better is the addition of more and better data channels, advanced testing protocols, improved sensors, and automation for more reliable testing and valid data analysis. EyeDetect+ represents the next step in polygraph’s evolution.

– Don Krapohl
Converus Advisory Board
Former Asst. Dir. of NCCA
Former U.S. federal polygraph examiner.


”Not only is EyeDetect paying for itself in time and cost savings, it has made our background screening process more effective and efficient."
Weylin Proctor, Deputy
Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office
Case Study


Case-Idaho State Police

Video-Idaho State Police

Case-Wyoming Highway Patrol

Case-Nampa PD (Idaho)

Case-City of Kent PD (WA)

Video-City of Kent PD

Case-Northwest Fire District (AZ)

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