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EyeDetect by Converus is a revolutionary lie detector test that has changed the way the world detects deception. Learn how it detects lies by observing the eyes. The eyes don’t lie.

Fast, Accurate, Safe and Cost-Effective:
The Best Lie Detector Test

Lie Detection
88-90% accurate in 15-30 minutes

Credibility Assessment: EyeDetect Monitor Station
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The eyes don't lie®

This award-winning EyeDetect technology is the first breakthrough in nearly 100 years to effectively uncover lies. It can spot a liar by analyzing the eyes in 15 to 30 minutes.

Identity Verification
90% accurate in 3 minutes

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Identity Verified, Almost Instantly

A person’s identification may be forged with stolen or falsified documents. But a person’s true identity doesn’t change. In 3 minutes, IdentityDetect can spot a liar with a web-based test.

"I expect we’ll end up saving $60,000-70,000 annually
by using EyeDetect by Converus."

– Justin Davis
Background Investigator/Hiring & Recruiting
Kent City (WA) Police Dept.

“[IdentityDetect is] a novel technique for detecting faked identities based on the use of unexpected questions that may be used to check the respondent identity without any prior auto-biographical information.”

– Published research paper in PLOS ONE
May 18, 2017


The Use of Technology
Dec. 1, 2020

Safeguarding People, Places
Oct. 1, 2020

Your Voice, Your Future
May 30, 2020


"Over the next year, EyeDetect will save us an estimated 20,000 euros."
Vlad Nepochatov, Director
United Nations Peacekeepers
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"EyeDetect helps unfaithful spouses/addicts ‘get real,’ break through their own denial, and start the needed work."
Lauren Mauck,
Eagle’s Wings Counseling Center
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Video: Idaho State Police Video: Kent Police Dept.

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