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Take EyeDetect out for a test drive for free. Learn more about the most accurate, safe lie detector test on the market.

Take EyeDetect for a Test Drive

Converus will donate the resources to give your agency a free Test Drive.

That’s unlimited use to do any of the following:

 • Screening job applicants
 • Testing lateral transfers
 • Verifying witness statements
 • Verifying suspect statements
 • Investigating claims of misconduct

And, if polygraphs are mandatory when hiring, EyeDetect+ is an automated polygraph and fulfills that requirement.

Test Drive Details

 1- Converus will help your agency conduct an unlimited number of tests.
 2- Time frame: two-day “test drive” of the technology.
 3- EyeDetect can be used for new hire screening, lateral transfers, or investigations.
 4- Converus will visit your facility to assist in running tests.
 5- Converus will create tests needed for your agency’s Test Drive.
 6- Agency size preference: 75 sworn officers

See how Idaho State Police uses EyeDetect for job applicant screening.

Free Test Drive

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Job Applicant Screening

Most law enforcement agencies conduct pre-employment screening of job applicants or testing of lateral transfers. EyeDetect automates and streamlines that process with 88% accuracy.

EyeDetect tests can ask about past drug use, criminal history, or other behaviors. Tests are made to meet the specific requirements of any agency.

If part of the first stage in hiring, EyeDetect can inexpensively and quickly eliminate the deceptive. It’s better to remove bad apples at the beginning than spend time and resources to fire them later.




Law enforcement agencies need to investigate crimes or misconduct. With EyeDetect, investigations can get faster closure by conducting reliable lie detection tests.

Accuracy has been field-tested at 88%.

EyeDetect has successfully been used to test for crimes such as burglary, robbery, fraud, assault, murder, and other crimes.

And when used in a successive testing model (EyeDetect plus polygraph), you can have between 97 and 99% confidence in the test results.


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Research shows that most people conducting an interview are about 54% accurate in detecting a liar. That’s about as accurate as a “coin toss.”

Don’t leave important hiring decisions to something as accurate as a coin toss.

Let EyeDetect help you quickly find dishonest candidates.