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Pre-Employment and Ongoing:
Save time in hiring. Find the right people.
Reduce employee turnover.

Hiring trustworthy employees is vital for the profitability, and survival, of any organization.

Research shows employees steal $50 billion annually from U.S. businesses. This equals 7% of annual revenues are lost to theft or fraud. Equally shocking is 75% of employees have stolen at least once from their employer. About 33% of all business bankruptcies is attributed to employee theft.

IntegrityDetect®, based on a revolutionary method using reaction time and a machine-learning analyzed technique, stands alone in the world of integrity tests. While traditional tests rely simply on what people say regarding their future behavior, IntegrityDetect’s advanced, scientifically proven formula predicts a person’s integrity by assessing past memories and behaviors via the implicit associations of an individual.

IntegrityDetect helps you discover who will most likely steal, lie, accept a bribe, and engage in any other unethical behaviors. It’s ideal for helping organizations more effectively manage risk — and drastically reduce hiring and turnover costs — by effectively assessing the integrity of potential hires.

How IntegrityDetect Can Make A Difference


You can use IntegrityDetect to quickly and accurately identify job applicants who possess a high-level of integrity. For example, if you have 10 candidates for a job position, IntegrityDetect can pre-screen these individuals and identify which ones are more likely to be honest. Then, the interview process can begin with those who have demonstrated integrity.

Tests take only about 5 minutes and have an accuracy of more than 80%. That’s at least 30% higher than traditional integrity tests. Plus, tests can be taken anywhere there’s an internet connection and a web browser.

Ongoing Screening

Private companies and government agencies alike are harmed when employees commit theft, bribery, or other criminal activities. Use IntegrityDetect to periodically assess your current employees, especially those with access to sensitive information or financial assets. These assessments can make sure employees are not accepting bribes, stealing from the company, or engaging in other forms of illegal activity.

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IntegrityDetect vs. EyeDetect

IntegrityDetect and EyeDetect are similar in some respects. Both are great tools for screening job applicants or employees. However, they use different methodologies and technologies.

EyeDetect is a lie detector that uses a high-definition, infrared eye-tracking camera to capture subtle changes in the eyes. IntegrityDetect is an online association integrity test that asks questions to predict the likely integrity of the person from his or her own implicit associations during the test.

EyeDetect is more rigorous, requires a test proctor and takes about 30 minutes. It should be considered for sensitive positions as part of the overall hiring process.

IntegrityDetect offers greater flexibility when and where assessments are taken and can be used early on in the hiring process for quickly screening large groups online, regardless of their physical location.