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EyeDetect is an accurate and affordable lie detector. Learn how this revolutionary technology works in just 59 seconds. The eyes don’t lie.

The first ocular mobile credibility assessment solution.

The world’s best lie detector has gone mobile!

What is VerifEye(TM)?

It’s the latest scientific breakthrough in lie detection. No other solution compares. VerifEye measures slight changes in eye behaviors to detect lies. Get 80% accuracy with a 10-minute screening test.

World renowned scientists developed the original ocular-motor deception test in 2003 and through extensive research, they have made improvements ever since, including this significant milestone.

Why is VerifEye different?

There are easy-to-use, low cost, non-invasive and accurate lie detectors or integrity test solutions available today. The challenge is finding all of these benefits in one, mobile solution. VerifEye is that unique solution.

What does VerifEye do?

Using a standard cell phone or mobile device, along with some patent-pending techniques, you can accurately test job applicants, employees, patients, parolees, drug users, athletes, criminal suspects and others about specific issues or crimes. After watching a short video to learn how to take the test, the examinee spends about 5 minutes verbally answering True/False questions.

VerifEye can used for screening tests on general topics or for diagnostic (single issue) tests in criminal or civil cases. It’s a true lie detection industry game changer.

What happens when you lie?

Your brain has to work harder when you lie. The greater the consequences of the lie, the greater the work load (cognitive load). This affects the eyes, whether you know it or not. VerifEye measures changes in pupil diameter, eye movement, blinks, fixations and other things.

Why does it matter?

When you need to find the truth, get a second opinion with VerifEye and do a better job protecting against corruption and crime. Ask for the best lie detector test.

The eyes don’t lie®

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How Does VerifEye Work?

EyeDetect Station

How does a person take a VerifEye test?

The organization initiates a process to create a test online and send a unique link by text message or email to the participant. Clicking that link launches the VerifEye app (for Android or iPhone). Tests are self-administered in any language supported on Android or iOS devices.

What happens during a test?

Tests are administered on a cellular phone or mobile device. Instructions are given with a 5-minute video. Participants spend another 5 minutes verbally answering T/F questions. The camera records eye behaviors, the speaker asks questions, and the mic records answers.

When the test is finished, responses to questions and eye measurements are analyzed and scored, indicating truth or deception.

How accurate is VerifEye?

Test results are scored by a logistic regression algorithm with 80% accuracy. It considers pupil dilation, fixations, blinks, heart rate, and more. Dr. John Kircher, co-inventor of the digital polygraph, has developed polygraph and ocular scoring systems since the 1990’s.

How can I get the results?

Authorized users can get test results in a web-based dashboard or by email. A Converus Credibility Score shows the probability the person was truthful.

VerifEye Features & Benefits

Simple to Administer

Tests can be self-administered, remotely, by participants. No test proctors are required.


Lab studies show VerifEye has an average accuracy of 80%.

Fast Results

Participants spend 5 getting instructions and 5 minutes answering questions. Results are ready quickly. Test scores indicate credibility or deception.


Tests are administered verbally using a phone or other mobile device.

Simple to Use

The participant hears questions and answers verbally on a mobile device.


Test can be taken 24/7 with access to a cellular network or Wi-Fi.

Incorruptible & Unbiased

Participants take an automated test on a mobile device. Test data is encrypted and tamper-proof.

Bank-Level Security

VerifEye uses the latest security techniques and encryption to safeguard test data.

Complete Analytics & Reporting

Authorized uses have access to test results with a web browser or through other automation.


Test on any variety of topics: theft, drug use, bribes, trafficking, etc. Test on Android or iOS devices.