TruthDetect: Honest. Simple. Fast. Reliable.

We don’t live in a perfect world.
People lie. Hide. Cheat.
And it affects your organization.

We all want security for our organizations, but how can we ensure honesty and the truth? Polygraphs are expensive and intrusive. Integrity Tests are not accurate enough. Whether you want to verify a person’s identity, assess an employee’s criminal history, detect company theft, or sort through unqualified candidates, TruthDetect is the solution as a high-volume, accurate, and fast lie detector.

What is TruthDetect?

TruthDetect is a fast, non-intrusive lie detector. Using only a web browser or mobile device to answer a series of Yes/No questions, you can accurately determine if a person is deceptive about their identity, insurance claim, criminal behavior, etc. in less than 5 minutes.

Other lie detection solutions require specialized equipment and are expensive and time consuming. While those systems still play an important role, using TruthDetect at the start of a screening process can reduce time, money, and risk.

How does TruthDetect Work?

TruthDetect detects deception by analyzing variations in motor nervous system responses.

Deceptive individuals use cognitive resources to inhibit the truth, fabricate the lie, and maintain its consistency, coherence, and believability over time. By quickly answering a series of Yes/No or form-based questions, TruthDetect can measure the validity of responses according to speed and accuracy.

EyeDetect Station

Features and Benefits

Make Informed Decisions

With TruthDetect, you can embed the software in your business processes (with our SDK). Once you flag certain issues you want to test, you can quickly identify the truth and make correct decisions.

Reduce Risk

Hiring employees or security personnel who are engaged in illegal or undesirable behavior costs time and money, which creates risk to your organization.

No Strings Attached

No hardware necessary. No Test Proctor. No training required. An examinee can take a test (or multiple single-issue tests) anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Lower Costs

Flagging potentially fraudulent behavior early saves money in claims paid and time spent processing invalid claims.

Improve Security

Identifying people traveling under false documentation reduces security risk. Integrate into work flow. Embedding into existing software (SDK) enables you to test for veracity anytime, anywhere.

Fast & Accurate

Not only is TruthDetect as accurate as a Polygraph (if not more), assessments take only 5 minutes to complete. See the results in 1 minute. That’s fast results for your business to make the best decisions.


Unlike other lie detection tests, TruthDetect is incorruptible and unbiased. With no test proctor or other specialized hardware, the examinee interacts only with a computer.

Bank-Level Security

TruthDetect uses the same encryption and physical security that banks use. All data are encrypted and stored using military grade 256-bit AES/CBS mode encryption on a tamper-proof data locker.

Complete Analytics & Reporting

With the Converus Dashboard, you can view test results by date range, department, test type, credibility score, and more. Only authorized personnel can access individual and group test results via a web browser. Results can be exported to a spreadsheet or to an individual report in PDF.


Both small and large organizations’ needs are met with TruthDetect. Since you can embed TruthDetect in your business processes (SDK), you can use the software to test a variety of issues—fraud, theft, criminal affiliation, bribery, etc.


Due to the brevity of most tests and the absence of specialized equipment, those who are innocent feel less intimidated (and less like a potential criminal) than with other traditional deception detection methods.

High Volume

TruthDetect allows for high-volume, time-sensitive testing since assessments can be taken on any device and do not require a test proctor.

When you need to discover the truth—now.