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Quickly Expose Fake Identities with a 90% Accuracy

Discover if people are being deceptive about their identity.

Documents can be faked and identities stolen. Is the person you are interacting with actually the person he or she claims to be?

Whether you work for a financial institution, the government, or any other organization, IdentityDetect can help.

Using scientifically-proven methodologies and a simple online verification procedure, IdentityDetect will indicate if a person is being deceptive about their identity.

What is IdentityDetect?

IdentityDetect is a quick and simple web-based test or mobile app that can quickly verify a person’s identity. For example, during an onboarding process for new customers, applicants will provide their name, address, and other personal details. Before onboarding is completed, or prior to any approved transactions, customers will answer a few questions about their identity, based on details previously provided.

IdentityDetect measures the applicants’ responses with several methods, applies a complex algorithm, and uses a machine learning system to accurately determine the credibility of the person. Results from the evaluation are available immediately, allowing you to proceed with a transaction or flag the customer for further review.

How does IdentityDetect Work?

Studies show that deception, such as presenting a false identity, increases cognitive load. IdentityDetect measures changes in the motor nervous system that result from increased cognitive load. This can happen when answering questions deceitfully.

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Features and Benefits


No system is perfect, but IdentityDetect can catch 9 out of 10 imposters.


Tests take no more than 3 minutes. Some can even be completed in less than 1 minute.


IdentityDetect is automated, and therefore incorruptible. It can’t be swayed by perfect documents, a dazzling smile or an unwelcomed threat.


All communication with the IdentityDetect system is secure. Your organization and customers are protected as all data are encrypted during transmission.


Tests can be embedded in business systems or mobile apps. And since onboarding processes differ, customized tests can be designed to meet your specific needs.

Cost Effective

Catching potentially fraudulent behavior early reduces risk and ongoing costs. Attractive licensing options combined with high accuracy make IdentityDetect well worth the investment.


Administer and score thousands of tests simultaneously. Built in a secure private cloud, IdentityDetect can expand to meet your needs, whether you’re doing 10 evaluations per month or 10 million evaluations per day.


Individual test scores are available immediately, allowing you to quickly make decisions and take action. With the analytics and reporting dashboard, you can spot trends, such as locations where there is a higher rate of attempted identity fraud. Data related to your account can be extracted and combined with your data repositories for further big data analysis.

No Strings Attached

No specialized hardware is necessary. No test administrator or training is required. Your customers can complete an evaluation anytime or anywhere on almost any Internet-enabled device.

Improves Security

IdentityDetect can be used for immigration screening to catch individuals traveling under false identities. Where allowed by law, IdentityDetect can also be used to pre-screen employees.

Analytics & Reporting

The Converus Dashboard gives access to reports from any supported web browser. Only authorized personnel can access individual and group test results. Results can be exported to a spreadsheet or PDF file, or can extracted using our Software Development Kit.


Due to the brevity of an IdentityDetect test and the absence of specialized equipment, most people feel less intimidated (and less like a potential criminal) than with other traditional deception detection methods.

Who Should Use IdentityDetect?

IdentityDetect is ideal for any application where you need to validate a person’s identity. Applications include:

  • Financial institutions following Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures for onboarding new customers and verifying existing accounts.
  • Immigration offices or border control stations that want to create a fast-track processing system by pre-screening individuals before they get to immigration choke points.
  • Banks validating transactions over an established threshold.
  • Auto financing organizations, verifying loan applications and those who take delivery of vehicles.
  • Shipping companies verifying that those who take delivery of a shipment are who they claim to be.
  • Leasing companies that need to verify the occupant is the same one who signed the agreement.
  • Vacation rental organizations that want to ensure those renting the property is who they say they are.

Use IdentityDetect for fast and efficient pre-screening. Those who fail the test may be eliminated or subjected to additional screening, depending on the business rules in place. This reduces the overall workload across all levels of a Customer Identification Program (CIP) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) processes.

Using our Software Development Kit (SDK), IdentityDetect can be seamlessly integrate with your existing web-based or mobile applications. We also offer simple white label integrations of our verification portal.

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