EyeDetect fights terrorism

Risk Management with EyeDetect Lie Detectors

EyeDetect: Weapon against Terrorism

Quickly screen refugees or visa applicants for terrorist ties—without bias.

Rather than banning groups in need from entering the United States, or taking no action to vet them in any detail, EyeDetect can be used to accurately screen refugees, visa applicants or foreign nationals for ties to terrorist organizations — in just 30 minutes.

EyeDetect is a “next-generation” lie detector offering precisely what the U.S. and other nations need to identify potential terrorists attempting to cross their borders.

Terrorists Infiltrating As Refugees

It’s no secret that terrorists have gained access to the U.S. and other countries posing as refugees. The assault in San Bernardino, California is one example. In Europe, terrorists have been smuggled in and camouflaged as refugees. In fact, the terrorists linked to the November 2015 Paris attack were arrested in a refugee camp in Austria.

Screening Refugees and Immigrants without Bias

Unfortunately, the number of terrorists infiltrating refugee camps is extremely small, but it has cast a shadow on the challenge of legitimate refugees in need of relocation. Fortunately, EyeDetect is an automated, computer-based test. It will not discriminate or hold biases against any person or group.

Over 100,000 Syrian refugees are currently in the U.S., and the plan is to admit 10,000 more by the end of 2016.

Refugee Screening Conundrum

Government officials know there is a serious challenge to successfully screen refugees, visa applicants or tourists. Understaffed personnel in hundreds of locations have the daunting task of reviewing tens of thousands of applications.

Without an efficient tool, large numbers of people cannot be properly vetted to prevent terrorists from infiltrating the country.

Keep Countries Terrorist-free

EyeDetect can identify those with ties to terrorists, as well as those that have falsified their immigration documentation or application.

The 30-minute EyeDetect exam can address topics such as: “Have you ever committed any acts of terrorism?” “Have you worked with or do you support any terrorist organizations?” Those individuals failing the test could be rejected or screened further.

It just takes one mistake to cause a tragedy.

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One EyeDetect test administrator can screen up to 40 applicants per day. The exam is 86% accurate. And if used in combination with the polygraph, the confidence outcome may reach as high as 99 percent.