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Corporate and Enterprise:
Create a Culture of Integrity

Corruption adds up to 10% to the total cost of doing business globally, and up to 25% to the cost of procurement contracts in developing countries. Typically, customers suffer as a result in higher prices.

When organizations use credibility assessment tests to pre-screen job applicants and conduct ongoing evaluations of employees, people quickly see that integrity and honesty are a high priority for the organization. Not only will this policy will influence employees and future job applicants, you will hire and maintain employees at the highest level of integrity.

How will you create a culture of integrity?


How EyeDetect Can Make A Difference

Human Resources

As the head of human resources, one of your most important roles is to ensure that anyone hired or working for your organization has a clean track record and is committed to maintaining the highest level of honesty and integrity.

Use EyeDetect to narrow down among hiring candidates and periodically test employees, especially those in positions of trust. For example, if you have 10 candidates for a job position, EyeDetect can quickly identify which individuals are dishonest. Then, the interview process can begin with those who have integrity.

Tests are only 30 minutes and have 86% accuracy. Plus, no sensors are attached.


Corporate security includes physical security, the safety of employees and facilities, and safeguarding company assets, including digital assets. Loss prevention, fraud prevention and privacy are essential for an organization’s success.

Use EyeDetect to periodically test employees, especially those who deal with sensitive information or have access to financial assets. These tests can make sure your employees are not accepting bribes, engaging in illegal activities, or stealing from the company.

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