EyeDetect – best lie detection innovation in almost 100 years.


EyeDetect Flyer (PDF) [download] 1 MB
EyeDetect Brochure (PDF) [download] 951 KB
Converus Press Kit (PDF) [download] 9 MB
EyeDetect Fact Sheet (PDF) [download] 205 KB
Company Timeline (PDF) [download] 6 MB
Science Team (PDF) [download] 318 KB
Management Team (PDF) [download] 394 KB


Flyers – Vertical Markets

EyeDetect Flyer – Law Enforcement (PDF w/hyperlinks) [download] 837 KB


Whitepaper & Research

Generalizability of an Ocular-Motor Test for Deception to a Mexican Population (PDF) [download] 348 KB
Psychophysiological and ODT Detection of Deception (PDF) [download] 80 KB
Journal of Experimental Psychology (PDF) [download] 567 KB
Competitive Comparison (PDF) [download] 67 KB



EyeDetect Station (gray background) . JPG [download] 552 KB
EyeDetect Station (white background) .JPG [download] 483 KB
Dashboard 1 .PNG [download] 340 KB
Dashboard 2 .PNG [download] 147 KB
Dashboard 3 .PNG [download] 179 KB
Sample Report with Credibility Score .PDF [download] 457 KB


Corporate Brand Guidelines & Logos

Converus Style Guide (PDF) [download] 892 KB
EyeDetect (blue) .PNG [download] 27 KB
EyeDetect (black) .PNG [download] 27 KB
EyeDetect (grey) .PNG [download] 27 KB
EyeDetect (white) .PNG [download] 25 KB
EyeDetect (blue) .JPG [download] 162 KB
EyeDetect (black) .JPG [download] 89 KB
EyeDetect (grey) .JPG [download] 85 KB
EyeDetect (white) .JPG [download] 7 KB
EyeDetect (blue) .PDF [download] 798 KB
EyeDetect (black) .PDF [download] 798 KB
EyeDetect (grey) .PDF [download] 784 KB
EyeDetect (white) .PDF [download] 810 KB
Converus (color) .PNG [download] 30 KB
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Converus (white) .PNG [download] 19 KB
Converus (color) .JPG [download] 91 KB
Converus (black) .JPG [download] 82 KB
Converus (white) .JPG [download] 644 KB
Converus (color) .PDF [download] 790 KB
Converus (black) .PDF [download] 791 KB
Converus (white) .PDF [download] 815 KB

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